A woman’s thoughts (eBook ePUB)– autor Lidia Ane Marie Alexandrescu  – Editura Letras, 2020

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I dedicate this book to all the souls who have a beautiful contribution to this world, who commit themselves to do good to other souls and who realize their value every day!

I especially thank my readers, critics and, last but not least, my friends, my lover and my beautiful family!

Thank you all of you for your kind thoughts!

The book A WOMAN’S THOUGHTS is addressed to those who want to make various changes in their life.

The volume is unique through the multitude of thoughts presented, through the actions, emotions and experiences experienced in everyday life.

For every thought, the book recommends to the reader an awareness and a firm action in fulfilling a dream.

After reading the book A WOMAN’S THOUGHTS you will be able to see everything from a different perspective, to bring in your life an extra joy and peace of soul.

„I like people who are relaxed and let their emotions flood their bodies …”

Enjoy your reading!

Lidia Ane Marie Alexandrescu - Ganduri de femeie - Editura Letras

Lidia Ane-Marie Alexandrescu – Gandurile unei femei – Editura Letras

Lidia Ane-Marie AlexandrescuA WOMAN’S THOUGHTS – Letras Publishing House

Young rebel, full of life and creation, loving beautiful and good taste, passionate about art, reading and travel, the author is well anchored in reality, the basic profession being an economist.

In everyday life I am a normal woman, with responsibilities and obligations, with good times or less good, I am a woman who wants to escape from everyday life and enjoy life! And this was possible by dedicating myself to writing!

Being inspired by everything around me, I had the courage to express in writing what I think and feel in certain situations.

It is a project that I have been working on for almost three years, initially without any idea of ​​publication.

The book was born out of a desire, expressed through a beautiful thought! At that moment I decided to share my thoughts, by actually publishing the book A WOMAN’S THOUGHTS!