Domination, fetish and dark healing – Kattana Black – Editura Letras, 2022

Kattana Black is a project designed to give everyone a path to personal freedom and to help all those who cannot find their place to find the right one. The basic idea of the project is that all people are unique and can become magnificent if they find their own talent and expose it in a suitable environment. No one and nothing is ordinary. Everyone and everything has the right to become extraordinary.

Octavia Ecaterina Berinde and Nektarios Manoukarakis are the creators of this project. Two people who have combined their individual qualities and decided to use them to help others find themselves.

Claudiu Raduica is the image creator of this project, a talented young artist, who knows that talent comes from passion, and passion comes from within everyone, and he dares to show all this in his work.

All those whose task is to guide consciences are afraid! They fear that their influence on souls, who need to perceive the sensation of existence, will be understood clearly, and that their mask of wisdom will be shattered…
It is reassuring to say we know and know, to impose this, but our words are often real daggers, ready to slice into the flesh in order to create heroes and truths.
(Daniel Meurois)