(eBook ePUB) Eat clean – Breakfast and snacks – Author: Carmen Lipovan – Letras Publishing House, 2021

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I am Carmen Lipovan, a fitness trainer and supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

My passion for healthy eating was born out of the need to learn how to behave with my own body. A few surgeries have left their mark on the way I eat today, but I don’t regret it, because this has helped me understand the importance of nutrition.

Sport is only one part of success in losing weight and maintaining optimal weight. As experts say: 20% sports and 80% diet. Since my clients were constantly asking me for advice on nutrition, I decided to create some healthy and tasty recipes at the same time.

This is how the “Eat clean by Carmen Lipovan” project was born, materialized through posts on Instagram @carmenlipovan and on Facebook: Eat clean by Carmen Lipovan.

This book is a dream come true, a way to reach as many people as possible through healthy recipes, but incredibly simple and appetizing.

I thank my clients for encouraging and supporting me! I dedicate this book to them and to all those who want to enjoy “sweet” in a healthy way for their body.