eBook ePUB 10 Ways To Boost Your Self-confidence By Partnering With Horses – Alice Besesek – Editura Letras, 2022

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If we look back in history, nothing has ever been more thrilling, more exciting, more challenging, than the “mysterious” relationship that captured the eyes of the spectators in the stands and touched the hearts of the people, like the man-horse relationship. A relationship that impressed by the discrepancy between the power, the savagery, but also the sensitivity that a majestic animal such as the horse shows, and the human side, man with the reason and prejudice that often characterizes us.

Put together we can see how the finesse of the human approach, the firmness of gestures, communication in all its forms, emotional intelligence and above all, patience are the necessary attributes of a partnership relationship not only with a human, but also with a horse, but also the cocktail so wanted by all of us that we need to increase our self-confidence, ingredients that the relationship with a horse does not allow us to omit or skip steps.

So, a book with an unusual subject on a very popular and widely debated topic nowadays: personal development. We develop on a personal level with the first brick, “I”. Whatever I build around myself, around “I” is built with self-confidence, with time, with patience, with love, with dedication. Nothing simpler? Nothing more complicated? Well, horses help us in this endeavour like true coaches who sometimes know even better than we do what we need, what we lack, to be truly confident and authentic leaders in our own lives.

Despre autoare:

Alice Besesek

Alice Besesek

With a passion for horses and personal development, I have expanded my professional area in a field already used worldwide and more and more often in Romania, namely in the field of coaching, specifically in the area of Horse Assisted Coaching.

I became an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) member of the ICF (International Federation of Coaching) and a certified member of EAHAE (European Association of Horse Assisted Education) and I successfully use the experiential learning approach in my sessions.

I am also the author and co-author of several modular courses such as “Situational Leadership”, “E-motion at Work-How energy&emotion converge in leading and managing- Based on the methodology of Equine Assisted Leadership Development”, where I have had the opportunity to work with EAHAE trainers from all over the world.