eBook ePUB Conversations with my own mind – Suzan Mehmet – Editura Letras, 2023

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Conversations with my own mind: Knowing how to ask means receiving more

A thousand and one questions from your story

I wrote these sets of introspective, self-knowledge, and self-regulation questions having in mind the people who need them. It’s possible that someone doesn’t have access to a therapist or hasn’t found the right one yet; it’s possible that they didn’t think they need one to help them see life or themselves differently; it’s possible that they finished their psychotherapy training and are still painfully haunted by the ghosts of questions yet unasked. Anything is possible. And so, I found this reasonable form of guidance for those who believe and decide that they wish to get closer to their own truth. It contains over one thousand questions which anyone can answer.

If some of those questions make you feel uncomfortable, it’s ok to pass over those sets and return to them when you are able to do so, whatever that means in terms of time (hours, days, weeks, or years). The psyche activates its resistances anyway wherever there is something that needs to be protected, and I always count on its wisdom.

This is not a therapy book in the classic sense of the word, but an assumed way to achieve self-knowledge. Therapy sessions are different; they are molded onto each client’s particular profile, and the work itself unfolds within each person’s reality. For that reason, I appropriately called this book a “guide”.

My wish is for every person to receive a bit of attention, advice, and guidance, to achieve a bit of clarity, knowledge, and self-knowledge, so that things become a bit easier for them.

So, all you have to do is open a page on favorite your gadget, or simply buy a notebook, and write down your answers to these questions. It would be good if those answers were somewhat expanded instead of monosyllables, so that the story achieves the depth you want.

Good luck!

—Suzan Mehmet
psychotherapist, writer / e-mail: