Endless Earth – Vorzsak Milan – Editura Letras, 2022

What is the purpose of evolution? Why is velocity in the Universe limited to the speed of light?

She is an elf from before the evolution of mankind, plunged into the year 2456. She claims to be the one who aided Father Earth in the design of all species of life on Earth. But her Parent has now sent her to the time of the ending of the world, which she swears to prevent.

In her original life before the Ice Age, she struggles with Black, the leader of a tribe of primitive Homo sapiens. She despises him for his rough nature, but she eventually understands that it is her duty to get him started on the bumpy road to evolution.

In her present, the intelligent races of the galaxy are pooling knowledge through the Archives, a galactic network of alien transmissions, to break the lightspeed barrier and finally open up the galaxy.

But what is needed to make the Earth endless?

This novel is a unique, fantastic theory on the history of evolution, based on hard, historic facts blended with fun fantasy. It also probes the future possibilities of mankind, as well as the laws of physics that govern the Universe, which humankind needs to see as a challenge in order to conquer the stars.

It is a standalone story, but also the first part of a trilogy whose next volumes will also be published in the near future. The second volume, Endless Mars details the struggles of a long-ago Martian race to escape their dying planet, while the third instalment, entitled Endless Space, rounds up the story of all the intelligent races of the galaxy.

Despre autor:

He is an English teacher from Cluj-Napoca, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Telling stories is in his blood, as well as in that of so many of his bright, talented students. To facilitate a starting platform for them, he operates an artists’ site in the English language, where he publishes the literary works of his pupils. The publishing of his first novel, entitled “Endless Earth”, also constitutes an example for these young, aspiring artists to start taking their own first steps toward being a published writer.

He is the editor of the four-language magazine of his high school, which won second place in the national competition of school magazines in the year 2022. He also operates a high school English drama workshop and stages English performances with his students.