Jumping Julie and Neighbour Knock-Knock (eBook ePUB) – Author. Ioana Crihana, Ilustrator. Ioana Bere – Editura Letras, 2021

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An initiatic book both for children and parents, written with emotion and candor. A vibrant travel into the fabulous world of childhood and innocence, which offers surprising revelations and fabulous discoveries at any age. It is a little book for soul, written with joy and sincerity, which returns to adults the first years of life and to  the children the excitement, restlessness and curiosity of childhood, unscathed by the insincere thoughts and words.


About the author:

Getting involved in several cultural and educational projects, Ioana Crihana has expertise in creating, promoting and advocating for reading campaigns at national and international level.

As a leader of an important organisation for librarians and libraries, she is concerned with the revitalization of books industry and identifying of new tools to generate education in a creative and quality manner.


About the illustrator:

Ioana Bere is a lover of colors and symbols, who finds in drawing a very personal and creative way to express herself.

Full of verve, but with an almost disarming tenderness, the illustrator from Cluj-Napoca has created a gallery of characters and suave scenes, which gives to the childhood a special hall-mark, new in the Romanian landscape of children books.