Menage vol.1: Passion (eBook ePUB)  – Author: Mira – Letras publishing house, 2021

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Onur had called me that morning to tell me that the ordered wedding dress had arrived safely at the hotel. And the room was arranged exactly as I had mentioned in the contract, in the smallest detail. I admit that I was nervous, but I had dreamed of this event with my eyes open since I was a child of about fourteen and it seemed absolutely normal to be like that. I was glad that my dream was finally coming true. Together with Cristina, I had chosen the wedding dress from an online catalog. Of course it took me a while to decide, but in the end I chose the one I’ve always dreamed of wearing on my wedding night. It was exactly the way I wanted it, like a princess dress, and according to Cristina, it was worth about as much as Onur’s earnings for a year. But that didn’t matter.

He asked me not to look at the money when I ordered it, and that’s exactly what I did!For this special day, Cristina made me an appointment at a luxury spa in the center of Istanbul, which had a special package for such events. For the wedding night, they took care of you from head to toe, and that of course took me about a whole day. My body was first massaged well, then pampered with all sorts of creams and oils of all kinds. I went for epilation and then the people there took care of my skin. A facial massage followed with creams that contained gold particles and I admit that I had never used such a thing before, but, like any woman, I would have liked to do it. In the end, they also took care of my hair, cut it a little and applied a regeneration treatment that made it soft and velvety, as I don’t think I ever had it!After all these little treats, I smelled and looked divine. My skin was fine to the touch, and the oriental massage I had had had completely relaxed me and made me forget all the stress I had accumulated until I came to the salon that morning. All these wonderful things lasted almost all day, and in the end I received a message on the phone:”This treat is a gift from me for the next night, baby!”Selim