The new social reality of the Europeans – A constructivist overview over Europeanization
Doina Gavrilov – Editura Letras, 2024

The European Union came to be an important international actor and the home of the Europeans. This led to a high interest in knowing and understanding the impact of the EU on the daily lives of the Europeans and triggered the well-known debate between the intergovernmentalists and the federalists, each providing arguments from a policy perspective. Yet, few studies explained the impact of the EU on the European social reality and how this got to suddenly change the behavior of the Europeans. Hence, this book analyses the ideas of the greatest social paradigms and in the light of a mixt theoretical approach it discusses the subject of Europeanization. This book is dedicated to students and researchers that look for more complex approach to Europeanization.

Despre autor

Doina Gavrilov

Doina Gavrilov


Dr. Doina Gavrilov is an editor and reviewer at the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Journal Collection, Common Ground Research Networks, a reviewer at the Journal of Social Sciences, Science Publications, and at The New Directions in the Humanities Journal Collection.

She is the author of various studies on topics such as the European Union or theories in the social sciences: The Spillover Effect of the EU Economy on Culture; Competition policy and its impact on society; Positivism from weaknesses to new openings; Institutionalism a different perception of human behavior and social organization. Her research interests are in the field of European studies, political science, social policy, social theory, and psychology.