(eBook ePUB) Worship – Author: Paula Bârsan – Letras Publishing House, 2021. 

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You are happy and not in any way, but limitlessly happy.

You still turn towards you the happiness that you have received, wanting to nestle at its arm, sitting with your head on its shoulder, as comfortable as possible, breathing in a dream with it, but still reflecting on it.

You wonder how to love happiness more, if not by kissing its land, on which your feelings have trampled, through your loved ones, with them becoming immortality.

You pierced heavenly bodies by running hand in hand with them in the twinkling of stars, unless some of them sprinted for just a second through your life.

It does not matter; you gather them together, keeping them in your soul.

You worship people from your free-flowing memories, and then you extract the bitter received from them and throw it in remorse, because you can do it, only now.

Smiling at them, you rediscover yourself, you now reveal only the joy with which you accompanied them or which you still effuse from your heart.

We need to return to innocence, to be saved in time from our anxieties, to be able to taste happiness.

Therefore, I propose to you Worship, burned from my troubles as a mature person and I invite you to the infinite snowball fight, in the freshly loosened snow of a primordial December for each of us.


About the author –  Paula Bârsan 

I was born in Bacău, in 1971. 

I am a Bacovia’89 Alumnus. By profession engineer, current manager, I spread my wings away from this school, the sovereign of my aspirations in life, at that time.

From the taste of the high school years, I have preserved both the supreme gratitude and joy of meeting some teachers and people of high value, conquering virtues, fabulous colleagues, and emotional to effervescent farewell balls, decade after decade, to the remaining years, here.

The right calling to the word and the beautiful – I have it since forever, it’s my relaxation area that I left latent and not at random.

Incomplete tumult in overwhelming energy, a mixture of love, loyalty, perseverance, courage, and candor – a girl refined in feelings, a judicial force, I would say, but extremely sensitive. I’m the registration of my encounters and the people in them. That’s how I present myself.

I met, modeled, even formed characters, cultivated love and, most of all, I discovered and rediscovered myself permanently, gathering my emotions and dreams with my roots, on the same secant of longing.

I tasted joys and failures like any other person, I still gather them, and I gathered a kaleidoscope of facets and psychological patterns from those around me. It’s a richness to observe and reinvent myself, to redefine myself in the present.

Probably, I gave too little appreciation, even brilliance, to them, to important people; probably, too little have I stopped from my flight towards my becoming a great person.

Now, more than ever, in 2020, when only fear, pressure, illness, and anxiety breathe and more consistently calibrated in coldness, subjectivism, and mercantilism, I have opened the window to the world, after decades of building in layers I allowed emotions to decant over emotions, I redefined value in my life and left it open to the truth. For me, the word is truth, too.

I’m just a dreamy human being, that’s right, a mother waiting for her baby to caress his head with a kiss, a girl loved by the right man, a warm family hug. Firstly, I am the imprint of joy of my mother and father, of my grandparents, people even simpler, warmer, and fairer than all the good people in the world.

My name is happiness of April and I come to offer you my emotion, just as much as you can take in your dreams and in a smile slightly sketched and nestled in love. Today, I am like a birthday wish from someone you don’t expect.

I’m just a word, nothing more.