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25 travel tips that a wanderlust should know (eBook ePDF) – Autor. Andra Diana Popescu – Editura Letras, 2020


The eBook 25 Travel Tips that a Wanderlust Should Know is ideal for a travel beginner, but also for those experienced. You will discover the lessons that I learned from my travel experiences around the world. This eBook is a fast guide when you feel stuck in organizing a trip. It is known that packing before travelling may give you headaches. Why? Because you feel that something is missing. Here you will find relevant info about:

  • how to organize your cash;
  • the holiday packing list;
  • the first-aid kit;
  • the travel planner;
  • the personal care items etc.

Planning a trip can be exhausting, but travel blogs may help you a lot. You can read about each destination on Andra’s Travel Bag platform.


Andra Diana Popescu

Andra Diana Popescu 😘💋

About the author

Hi! My name is Andra-Diana Popescu and I’m a travelholic.

Welcome to my travel bag! 😊 Remember that every long journey begins with the first step.😉

Andra’s Travel Bag is a travel platform that offers tourists a unique experience when they are planning to visit a city. Generally, people don’t have time to search on Internet for details to organize a trip on their own. Here I shared my experiences and travel tips. Let’s connect via Instagram (@andrastravelbag), Facebook and YouTube.

I graduated The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (The Faculty of International Business and Economics & The Faculty of Management). Another passion of mine is baking. Recently, I graduated a confectionery course. You can see my cakes on Instagram (@iubitoriidedulce).

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful and inspiring day!