Crystal Frog and Waterlily Fairy (eBook ePUB) – Author: Delia C. Zorzoliu, Illustrated by Carmina Achim – Editura Letras, 2021 

I have now relived, as an adult, the world of stories from the past of my happy childhood, which I want to share with you, dear children.

I will continue with `Crystal Frog and Waterlily Fairy`, the story of a frog that is offered to the lake by Princess Moon, as recognition from her for the beautiful lake.

Brave and protected by a magic shield, it is sent to the Land of Waterlilies to save the frogs from extinction.

With the help of Waterlily Fairy, Crystal Frog must travel through three fairytale lands to gather the enchanted dust of gold, onyx, and sapphire.

Will it be able to save the frogs from the lake?!


Delia C. Zorzoliu

Delia C. Zorzoliu

About the author

Delia Manuela Codin-Zorzoliu, born on March 28, 1987, in Bucharest, made her debut in the magazine of Tudor Vladimirescu High School in Drăgănești-Olt, in 1998, with the poem “Harsh Winter.”

She is the author of some stories for children „The Fifth Season”, „Journey with a Neuron”, „Princess Quail and the Enchanted Corn”, „Sea Fairy and the Silver Dolphin”, „The Brave Squirrel and the Enchanted Hazelnut Tree”, „The Crystal Frog and the Water Lily Fairy”, „The Enchanted Goose Egg”, and „The Umbrella Mushroom and the Lazy Beetle”.

She is working on several novels and is preparing a volume of poems.

She currently lives in Southampton, United Kingdom.

„The Brave Squirrel and the Enchanted Hazelnut Tree” will soon appear in some of the world’s most widely read languages ​​and will be distributed internationally by Letras. So keep close.

How it all started?

For me, writing is a release. A break for the mind. When I write, I feel that time stands still. I like to walk through my own thoughts. When I put letters on paper, that’s what I do. I get lost in the words; I choose the right ones and turn them into stories.

—Delia C. Zorzoliu