Darul jumatatii pentru intregul sau-The Gift Of The Half For Its Whole (editie bilingva)
Gabriela Petrescu – Editura Letras, 2022

Fiecare poveste pe care ti-o spui este doar o poveste. Nu te lasa prea prins in ea…

Every story that you tell yourself is just a story. Don’t get too caught up in it…

Despre autor:

Gabriela Petrescu

Gabriela Petrescu

De la povestea din mine la povestea din tine, eu sunt Gabriela Petrescu si am creat acest aspect de scriitor care isi spune povestile.
Si pentru ca povestilor le plac exprimarile libere, eu le dau libertate totala.
Ele vor ajunge acolo unde trebuie si exact in momentul potrivit.

From the story that is in me to the story that is in you, I am Gabriela Petrescu and i created this aspect of writer who tells his stories. And because the stories like free expressions I give them absolute freedom.
They will reach where they have to and at the right moment