eBook The Housekeeper’s Book  –  Autor: Cristiana Vaduva – Editura Letras, 2021

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The maid has become an important and indispensible member of the family because it is difficult to divide ourselves between career, social life, taking care of children, older members and necessary activities for house maintenance. This book is addressed to both the persons who are maids and those who intend to perform activities related to cleaning, maintaining a house/ a villa  with a garden, a flat but also to the families who want to benefit from such services.

The collaboration rules and the conditions are illustrated here in order to have good and harmonious  relationships between the family members and the maid, to show how to do the chores or how not to do certain activities, which are the rights, the obligations and the risks.

This book will help the maid to familiarise with the household activities, will provide the opportunity to aquire new knowledge,  to develop her skills, to innovate and be creative in an environment where she is appreciated and respected.

The book will help the family to avoid complaints  and misunderstandings which may  appear if the rules and wishes are not clearly laid down from the beginning of the relationship between the family members and the maid.

The general rules, the daily activities, individual activities are presented in this bookas well as rules related to cleaning, maintenance, taking care of goods, plants, birds, pets,preparing food, recepies, risks and action methods to avoid them.

A respected, hardworking, trained, happy and optimistic maid will surely make a family happy!