eBook The School of Miraveda

eBook The School of Miraveda

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The realm of the novel is home to a multitude of magical characters, each imbued with their own unique enigma.

The deceased brother Nion, the beguiling Lexia, and the sagacious Tinu, a blind seer, lend the tale its charm and roundedness.

The epilogue, as unpredictable as it is, beckons the reader to reflect, to ruminate over certain events within the pages and to return, time and again, to certain passages for deeper contemplation.


eBook ePUB The School of Miraveda – Aurel Dobre – Editura Letras, 2023

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Reading the book with natural attention, I could remark both the details realism and the ineffable harmony where these are interweaving with the visionary epical episodes, forming a style which certifies the prolific talent of the author.

Concretely speaking about originality and literary value, I had the sensation that the universe of Miraveda has resonances with “Macondo” from Gabriel García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

The value of the book message, toward universality, is protected also by the author’s care to minimally link the little universe of Miraveda with time, space, philosophy or politics.

Perhaps, the voice of the novel represents its most original component, which, in this case, not only makes you feel the emotion that transcends the time and the space through all epical episodes, but also makes you to thrillingly read page after page.


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