From The Dark / Din intuneric (ed tiparita) – Author: Lucia Nima – Letras publishing house/Editura Letras, 2021


I defy you!

I am still here

Feeling, suffering, rejoicing,

Collapsing and recovering,

Healing and hurting,

Giving in and giving up,

Hitting and being hit,

Touching, but not being touched,

Mending, but bleeding,

Feeding, but starving,

Nurturing, but dying out of thirst,

Receiving, but not returning,

Giving, but not receiving,

Living and lying,

Confessing and betraying,

Living and lying,

Confessing and betraying,

Dedicating and not appreciating,

Tearing apart and being cut to pieces,

Dying, but living

In bricks, in words, in you!