Create your ideal Job (eBook ePUB) – Autor Irina Lupașcu – Editura Letras, 2020

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The purpose of this book is to help you discover your Ideal Job and not only to discover it, but also to manifest it in your reality. Throughout my experience and research, by direct analysis or study of biographies of hundreds of people who found their Ideal Job, I have discovered that there is a general path to create your Ideal Job. This method will unfold for you the professional activity that will make you feel like “the right person at the right place”, love for your work and professional satisfaction. As in every action you take, the first and perhaps the most important step, is to want it and to be determined to get it. The fact that you are now holding this book proves that you are ready to discover your Ideal Job and fulfill your professional mission.

In this book you will discover the actions you have to take in order for you to discover and practice your Ideal Job. The book is a practical guide, created after my workshop with the same name, where I successfully guided many people to find their Ideal Job. The book contains many explanations which are meant to help you understand the importance of the steps I suggest you take. If you follow the steps presented in this book, you will also discover and practice your Ideal Job.